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We are one of the largest escort service providers in the Mumbai city and cater to a wide variety of clientele. Our services are unique and exemplary and give you a feel as if you are riding an automobile and shifting gears. The ride gets better as you press the accelerator pedal and gain speed. We always suggest our clients to make a modest beginning and then move to the higher limits. You can enjoy every step gradually over a period of time. The experienced customers can get in at any stage as they have already availed of the services of fast-paced Mumbai escorts agency.

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Like you start a car and put it in the first gear, we have the entry services under the category “high torque.” Though the speed is slow but the traction is high. It can be directly compared with the beginners where they are hesitant in making the start, but once they get into the act their energy levels are the maximum. To absorb this energy we deploy our raw college girl escorts or mature housewife escorts. The former has the matching “charge”, while the latter has the experience to handle and tame the beast.

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The foreign national Mumbai escort is an experience different from the other categories. We term it as a neutral stance as we allow you to experience the world. The foreign origin escorts in Mumbai hail from countries like Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, United Kingdom and the US of A. While sitting in the city of Mumbai you can experience the entire world.
Once you have gained some experience it is time to rev up. There is no better choice than to go in for the dazzling high profile Mumbai escorts. These ladies will give you a feel for a certain status which you will enjoy. You just need to imagine the company of an attractive high profile escort in Mumbai to understand the prop it gives to your stature.

Now you are at the stage where your vehicle has gained the traction and it is the time to shift to the higher gears. As you are gaining speed it is right to go in for a full night sojourn with the gorgeous VIP escorts in Mumbai. Since you have the full evening and night available to you, you can plan a complete rendezvous with your stunning Mumbai VIP escort. The evening can be enjoyed in her company at the malls, marketplace, gaming alleys, watching movies or by strolling in the parks and roads. A dinner session at a good restaurant will add a lot of zeal to your outing. The immaculate VIP escorts of Mumbai are good dancers and you can have a night out dancing with her.

Here is the reference table for the dynamic escort service of Mumbai.


Escort type


Rates in INR


High torque

College girl, Housewife

2 hours




Foreign nationals

2 hours



Rev up

High profile

2 hours





Full night





3 hours





3~5 hours





3~5 hours


The seductive model escorts of Mumbai provide you with a smooth experience. They know their job very well and can take care of the most difficult clients with ease. The beautiful model escorts of Mumbai have a magical touch in their approach and once you have tasted their company it is very difficult for them to turn back into the other categories. For the three hours that you spend in their company you will be in a dream world. You will never like to come out of the trance.

If you have driven a vehicle, you would know that how different it feels when you come out of the city traffic and drive on the highway. You get the thrill of the speed, the smooth drive, and wide roads. A similar feeling will erupt when you hire a majestic celebrity escort in Mumbai. The celebrity world is a different ball game and you get the privilege of interacting with an independent Mumbai celebrity escort. For one, you would be engrossed with her beauty and secondly you would be taken care of completely by her.
You have gone through the various stages of the drive. Now enter the cruise control stage on the highway. You don’t have to shift the gears and the vehicle is in the automatic mode. Completely submerge yourself in the company of the bewitching Bollywood escorts of Mumbai. She does her job and you just feel the waves of pleasure rock you time and again. It is a feeling completely out of this world..

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